Solutions to Engineering Tasks
Qualified Vendor


Stels, LLC was established on 1 July 1999 and is a procurement and engineering company. For all these years, we operate in the Russian market as the specialized supplier to package gas, petroleum, chemistry, and power generation industries with valves. Several leading manufacturers of high-quality equipment authorized the Company for representing and marketing their equipment. Therefore, we are always ready to supply all types of pipeline valves and actuators to operate valves automatically. Additionally, we are sufficiently experienced in providing our customers with necessary products, know nature of the industry, have stable relations with our business partners and constantly strive to improve our competency and expertise level.

Due to our technical facilities, equipment and tooling available together with personnel qualification we perform maintenance, mounting and adjustment for any types of valves and actuators both in our premises and at the customer's site.

In 2011, we deployed a warehouse policy, which assigns us to have available 8.000 product items permanently in our warehouse. The Company has a 2.000 square meter workshop area for equipment maintenance and packaging as a complete set. Please ask Stels about on-stock availability of the goods and their nearest arrival or check it on the Company's site.

Our Advantages:

  • consultations on valve selection and automation by actuators
  • transactional support at the stage of design documents approval
  • collecting and filing sets of technical and cost data to design and deliver equipment
  • wide range of domestic- and foreign-made equipment 
  • our authorized representative status ensures supply mobility and favourable prices
  • we select valves and package them with accessories at our own efforts
  • finished products are available in Perm stock and it enables us to mount valve assemblies, install and adjust actuators promptly 
  • high-level maintenance, services of supervised installation, warranty and post-warranty support

Our Principles:

  • focus on customers' tasks solution and extensively cooperate with the customers to fulfill their goals assigned for delivery and use of equipment
  • follow the approach ensuring reliability, trustworthiness and responsibility during selection, supply and technical support of equipment
  • perform high-level technical servicing at sites of whatever complexity 
  • constantly improve your activity and qualification for fast and competent response to partners' requests

We always remain at your disposal to help reach your production targets, to package your site with quality equipment and render the required services.