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Habonim, Israel is a leading manufacturer of ball valves and compact pneumatic actuators. Additionally, the Company specializes in manufacturing custom-designed valves and valve assemblies, as well as solutions for special operation conditions.


Tyazhpromarmatura plant  is one of the largest and oldest manufacturer in the Russian machinery building industry producing ball valves, wedge & sliding gate valves, pneumohydraulic actuators, pneumatic actuators, gearboxes.

LG avtomatika

LG avtomatika is a R&D and production company dealing with development and manufacturing different types of valves that successfully operate both at domestic and foreign petroleum refiners, petrochemical, petroleum and gas, metallurgical, and food processing works.


Electric actuators made by AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG, Germany are distinguished by a time-proven, reliable modular design with lots of interchangeable components and multifold possibilities for retrofitting.


HSL, LLC is an enterprise for designing, manufacturing, and supplying industrial ball valves and butterfly valves.


Dunkan-Servis Zapad

Dunkan-Servis Zapad, LLC is a Belarusian manufacturer of butterfly valves. The factory started product output in 2005. 
Butterfly valve range includes centric soft-sealed valves, valves for aggressive media, double-offset soft-sealed valves, triple-offset metal-to-metal valves.


RMT Valvomeccanica is the Italian company manufacturing high-quality ball valves of sophisticated steels for oil & gas, petrochemical, and power industries.


ОАО «Волгограднефтемаш» является одним из ведущих производителей оборудования для газовой, нефтяной и нефтехимической отраслей промышленности.


Samaravolgomash, LLC manufactures fully-welded and split shut-off ball valves with different modifications for above- and underground installation that can meet almost any customer requirements. Продукция завода является решением по замещению импортной арматуры высококачественным и надёжным отечественным оборудованием премиум класса, адаптированным к условиям РФ, для нефтяной, газовой и химической промышленности. 


ООО «Стэлс» осуществляет комплексные поставки продукции по других заводов по ценам изготовителей.