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Over 70 years Aleksin Plant of Heavy Industrial Valves (trade name Tyazhpromarmatura) it specialises generally in manufacturing pipeline valves for gas, petroleum, chemical and power industry. Today the plant is the leader among the similar manufacturers. For this period the works generated a profound database of engineeering solutions, accumulated the richest experience of factory-floor relations, adjusted efficient operation of product quality management.

The product line includes: ball valves, wedge gate valves, sliding gate valves, pneumohydraulic actuators, pneumatic actuators, gearboxes.

High quality of the manufactured products, sophisticated design and technological know-how enable the enterprise to hold tightly its leadership in the valve market. According to a plant policy for product diversification, a great part of attention is given to development of new potentially profitable activities such as manufacturing ball valves for oil transportation lines and heat and water supply systems.

Today Aleksin Plant of Heavy Industrial Valves manufactures ball valves with size 25 - 1400 mm and pressure rate 1.6 - 16.0 MPa.

Working medium:

  • non-aggressive natural gas 
  • oil and petroleum products
  • water and steam

The ball valves made by  Aleksin Plant of Heavy Industrial Valves have shown their good performance in main oil and gas pipelines, process lines transfering oil and petroleum products, heat supply systems.

Core and auxiliary production facilities of the plant lie in Aleksin of the Tula Oblast an occupy a territory over 120 ths sq m. Sales volume of finished products attains 50 ths pieces annually. The plant is fitted with an up-to-date equipment and lathes that enable machining parts with diameter up to 3 meters and weighting up to 10 tones, welding assembly units of 25 ton weight and weld diameter up to 3 meters. A production cycle shows high reliability, consistent teamwork between the plant's fubctional departments. Due to this any possible factor that can break undertaken contractual obligations is eliminated. From 1997 the Quality Management System for product manufacturing is certified to prove its compliance with ISO 9001, API Q1, GOST R ISO 9001.

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