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LG avtomatikaLG avtomatika

LG avtomatika is a R&D and production company dealing with development and manufacturing different types of valves that successfully operate both at domestic and foreign petroleum refiners, petrochemical, petroleum and gas, metallurgical, and food processing works.

We manufacture all valves according to the documentation and developments of our in-house design. The most innovative series: KMR space-saving control valves, KMO shut-off valves, KMRO control and shut-off valves are protected by 10 patents and have advanced design, which is most of all suitable for Russia-specific operation conditions.

To describe product quality in general it is should be mentioned that our valves proved to be successful for operation in petroleum and gas development, petroleum refining, petroleum and chemistry, nitrogen industries, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy. Valves are manufactured with the use of up-to-date equipment and latest materials ensuring high performance with long service life of valves. Today over 900 enterprises in Russia and the CIS run with LG avtomatika valves.

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